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Why Sheer Roller Blinds are Better than Window Nets

Sheer roller blind offers a light and decorative touch for your windows with the benefits of natural daylight in your home. A sleek alternative to old fashioned net curtains that helps maintain your privacy. The blind allows you to see out, without being seen. The unique sheer sunscreen fabric is designed to eliminate glare, reflect UV rays and diffuse light, while providing excellent daytime visibility.

The ideal window blind for rooms that are over-looked by other properties or rooms next to busy streets with passing pedestrians and traffic. It reduces glare and UV rays making it ideal for sunny rooms so you can watch television without glare and protect your furniture from fading.

Sheer roller blind

Sheer roller blinds come in a range of stylish and contemporary colours, although warm neutral shades are a versatile choice, as they complement virtually any style of decor.

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