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Elegant and Functional: The Silent Gliss Metropole Curtain Track System

Silent Gliss Metropole is a sleek and modern curtain track system that is perfect for both residential and commercial use. The system is manufactured by Silent Gliss, a Swiss company known for its high-quality, innovative curtain track systems.

One of the main features of the Silent Gliss Metropole is its sleek and minimalist design. The track is made from high-grade aluminum and is available in a range of colors to match any decor. The track can be ceiling or wall mounted and can be bent to fit any window shape, making it perfect for both straight and curved windows. The Metropole’s design is versatile, it can be used in a range of applications, such as in hotels, conference rooms, and homes.


Another great feature of the Silent Gliss Metropole is its smooth and silent operation. The system uses a patented gliding system that ensures that the curtains move quietly and smoothly, even when they are heavy or lined. This makes it perfect for use in spaces where noise needs to be kept to a minimum, such as bedrooms, home theaters, and conference rooms.

The Metropole also offers a wide range of accessories, such as end stops, brackets, and cord tensioners, which allow for easy installation and customization. Additionally, the system is compatible with a wide range of curtain types, including sheer, blackout, and lined curtains, making it a versatile choice for any space.

Furthermore, the Silent Gliss Metropole is also a sustainable choice. The track is made of aluminum, a material that is 100% recyclable and doesn’t require much energy to produce. Silent Gliss also offers a recycling program for their tracks, ensuring that they will be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

In conclusion, the Silent Gliss Metropole is a high-quality, innovative curtain track system that is perfect for both residential and commercial use. Its sleek and minimalist design, smooth and silent operation, and wide range of accessories make it a versatile and sustainable choice for any space. If you’re in need of a modern, high-quality curtain track system, the Silent Gliss Metropole is definitely worth considering.

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From Pole to Pole with Fittexpert

The curtain pole as a decorative rather than just a functional item started its life in the United States of America in the second half of the 19th century.  The genius behind the curtain pole and the man who first patented it in 1892 was Samuel Scottron who was a prominent African American inventor.  He registered his invention as ‘the curtain rod’

Curtain poles

Curtain poles

And there is no doubt that the right curtain pole can be an eye catching and very complimentary addition to your widow decoration.  Whether it is the expensive sounding swish of the pull cord curtain or the more rustic charm of the wooden curtain pole with a tab curtain hanging from it, it is the finishing touch to your room.

At Fittexpert we always offer our customers the best such as Fabricant who have long been supplying contemporary and traditional curtain accessories to some of the world’s most notable addresses.  The Integra range offers products from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers with their quality ready-made window furnishings.  Silent Gliss offer curtain poles for bespoke situations for those customers who want the very best in quality, design and technology.

At Fittexpert we love to give our customers the benefit of our experience and to look at the all the possibilities available to make a style statement in any kind of home.

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Ruched Curtain Heading and Pole Fitted in London

Ruched Curtain Heading and Pole Fitted in London

Ruched curtains are typically gathered or bunched on a pole. One of the stunning creations by Thefabricwarehouseltd. The curtain heading is sewn across the curtain fabric to make a channel and a curtain pole is inserted.  This finish is often used for curtains that are permanently fixed in place. Ruched headings are beautiful with light fabrics such as voiles and sheers.

Ruched Curtain Heading and Pole Fitted in London

Ruched Curtain Heading and Pole Fitted in London for Thefabricwarehouseltd

Ruched Curtain Heading and Pole Fitted in London

Ruched Curtain Heading and Pole Fitted in London for Thefabricwarehouseltd

Designed by Thefabricwarehouseltd – An Aladdins cave abundant with dressmaking fabric, furnishing, craft and curtain fabrics selected from across the world at very competitive prices.  Thefabricwarehouseltd

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How to Measure for Curtains in Simple Steps

Curtains are a big investment, and so it’s important to make sure you get your measurements right.

To avoid mistakes, I would advise you install the curtain pole or track before measuring for the curtains.tape-measure

When measuring don’t assume that any windows are exactly the same size, even if they look like they are. Measure each one separately and always use an extendable metal tape measure for accurate measurements. Take all measurements at least twice.

For the best look and depending on space, your curtain track or pole should be positioned approximately 15cm (6”) higher than the window, and be wider than your window by 15-20cm (6-8”) either side.

Measuring for curtain width

If you’re using a curtain track, measure its full width.

curtain track measurements

If you’re using a corded curtain track, measure its full width including the overlap. This allows your curtains to overlap in the middle when closed.

corded track

For curtain poles measure the width of the pole only, do not include the finials (decorative pieces on the end).

curtain pole width

Use your curtain pole or track width to work out the width of your curtains. To achieve a soft gathered look when your curtains are closed, use the header type to make the following calculation:

  • Pencil pleat = pole or track width x 2
  • Eyelet = pole or track width x 1.5 or 2
  • Pinch pleat = pole or track width x 2.5

Measuring for curtain drop

If using a curtain track, measure from the top of the track to the required length.

curtain track

If using a curtain pole for pinch or pencil pleat curtains, measure from the small metal ring at the bottom of each curtain ring. This will prevent the pole or rings from being obscured by the curtain.

curtain pole drop

If using a curtain pole for tab top or eyelet curtains, measure from the very top of the curtain pole and 3cm

eyelet curtains measurement


Curtains lengths tend to be above the sill, below the sill or to the floor. The length that you choose depends upon the look you want to create plus other factors such as the positioning of radiators.

For curtains to the sill, measure to 1cm above the sill. This will ensure the curtain does not drag.

For curtains below the the sill measure 4″ to 8″ (10cm to 20cm) below the sill. However if you are choosing this length to avoid a radiator please adjust this measurement to allow the curtains to stop a couple of centimetres above the radiator.

For curtains to the floor, measure to 1cm above the floor. This will ensure the curtain doesn’t drag.


Always measure in at least 3 positions across the track or pole as floors and sills are rarely level. Use the shortest of these 3 measurements to avoid the curtains dragging across the floor or sill, unless you want them to “puddle” on the floor. For curtains that puddle, add 6 inches to the measured length.

Need any further help or advice? Send me an email and I will be more than happy to help.

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