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Blind Safety Device Cord Lock

A new blind safety device, designed to be the simplest, safest and most universal product on the market.

blind safety device

Cord Lock Away is a child safety wand that uniquely raises the height of the accessible cord/beaded chain out of a child’s reach. Once fitted, the device remains in place and the upper region of the cord/beaded chain can be used to operate the blind in the usual way.

Fits over continuous looped cords and chains including ones with cord connectors.

Fitting the devices takes just a few minutes with a screwdriver provided.

Cord Lock Away brings its safety benefits as soon as it has been fitted, but it can optionally be attached to the wall using the included wall holder.

It is designed for all blinds with continuous looped cords or chains and comes in two sizes, one for windows and the other for longer windows, patio doors and conservatories.

The device will also protect dogs and cats, who may become entangled in a looped cord after jumping up to a window sill.

cord lock

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