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From Pole to Pole with Fittexpert

The curtain pole as a decorative rather than just a functional item started its life in the United States of America in the second half of the 19th century.  The genius behind the curtain pole and the man who first patented it in 1892 was Samuel Scottron who was a prominent African American inventor.  He registered his invention as ‘the curtain rod’

Curtain poles

Curtain poles

And there is no doubt that the right curtain pole can be an eye catching and very complimentary addition to your widow decoration.  Whether it is the expensive sounding swish of the pull cord curtain or the more rustic charm of the wooden curtain pole with a tab curtain hanging from it, it is the finishing touch to your room.

At Fittexpert we always offer our customers the best such as Fabricant who have long been supplying contemporary and traditional curtain accessories to some of the world’s most notable addresses.  The Integra range offers products from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers with their quality ready-made window furnishings.  Silent Gliss offer curtain poles for bespoke situations for those customers who want the very best in quality, design and technology.

At Fittexpert we love to give our customers the benefit of our experience and to look at the all the possibilities available to make a style statement in any kind of home.

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