Curtain tracks

Forest curtain tracks

Heavy Duty Curtain Tracks

A perfect combination of strength, quality and affordability, rivaling other manufacturers’ products, often at a much lower price. The track will bend to fit any shape of bay window and reverse bends. Can be fixed to the ceiling or the wall.

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Basic Metal Curtain Tracks

Bendable lightweight curtain track for heavyweight curtains. These quality curtain tracks are made from aluminium. Urban curtain track is available in three colour options: white, silver and antique brass.The tracks are supplied with the standard bracket which allows for one track to be fitted with a distance of 1.25″ from the wall.

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Silent Gliss Premium Tracks

A specialist tracks for bespoke situations. This represents customers who rightly expect the very best in terms of quality, design and technology. Silent Gliss curtain tracks are world renowned for quality and reliability and are used extensively in commercial and domestic projects.

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Contract Metal Bay Tracks

Durable white steel metal track for bay windows. Suitable for all weights of fabric. The track is bent using special tool and custom built on site to fit your window shape. Metal gliders are silicone enriched for smooth long lasting action and brackets that can be wall or ceiling mounted.With a life time guarantee (moving parts excluded) the curtain track provides good, strong, and reliable service.

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Pre-corded Metal Tracks

Pre-corded, white painted, rolled steel track with telescopic adjustment and ball bearing pulley sets to ensure smooth running of curtains. The Ultraglide curtain track is available in extra long lengths of up to 500cm (197 7/8”) and includes a cross over arm to eliminate the gap where the curtains draw to the centre of the track.

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Slim Metal Curtain Tracks

The slim metal curtain track set has an extremely low profile making it ideal for fitting in front of windows where space is an issue. As well as being ideal for home use, the track is also used for hanging window treatments in boats and caravans.