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Roller Blinds Fitted in Hampstead by Fittexpert

Screen roller blinds reduce glare and UV rays making them ideal for sunny rooms, protecting furnishings without losing the view. It enhance privacy levels and ensure the outside can be easily admired since they are manufactured from special screen fabrics which ensure a one way view.

screen roller blind fitted by fittexpert

screen roller blind fitted in Hampstead by Fittexpert

roller blind fitted in hampstead-2

screen roller blind fitted in Hampstead by Fittexpert

Its also an ideal window blind for rooms that are over-looked by other properties or rooms that are next to busy streets with passing pedestrians and traffic. Both residential and commercial areas with large glass expanses can be a suitable place to use these window blinds as screens limit the need to use of artificial lighting and are suitable for open space areas as well.

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Bay Window Metal Curtain Track Fitted with Metal Runners for Durability

A Fittexpert we believe choosing the right curtain track can really enhance the way your curtains hang. With a full range of tailor made tracks, you can be sure to find the right one for you; one that will fit any sized window and can hold even the heaviest of curtains in style.

curtain track fitted in Aylesbury

Contract metal curtain track fitted by Fittexpert

curtain track fitted in Aylesbury

Contract metal curtain track bent to fit window shape

curtain track fitted in Aylesbury

Contract metal curtain track fitted with metal runners for durability

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Silent Gliss 3840 Track and Curtain Fitted in London

The Silent Gliss 3840 is designed for ceiling fixing – neat, attractive track and ideal for domestic use. This is a made to measure track and available in silver, white, gold, bronze or black. To ensure stylish look, the curtain is dressed back in their stack back position, starting from the outside edge and working from the top downwards with hands firmly down the length of each pleat.

Curtain Track with curtains

curtain on a 3840 Silent Gliss track

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Buckingham Palace Bling

One of the finest rooms in Buckingham Palace is the Blue Drawing Room showing off as it does some of the most sumptuous Georgian decorating touches.  The room was originally intended to be a ballroom when George the IV was in residence and nowadays it serves as a gathering place for guests having drinks before lunches and other grand occasions.  This is a room that is a magnificent sixty-eight feet long with giant Corinthian columns dividing large bay windows, adorned with crimson velvet curtains and fine silk wall hangings.

buckingham palace-1

At Fittexpert we know that there is a curtain for every window and even if your windows would buckle under the weight of the fine drapes of Buckingham Palace’s Blue Drawing Room, we know that we can make sure that your room and your windows look just as spectacular as any of the windows in Buckingham Palace.  For the widest range of curtains, curtain poles, blinds and all the other fixings that will make your home your palace Fittexpert can supply all you need to transform even the most unassuming room. Give your room a makeover fit for a King or Queen with the inspiration and flair that comes as standard with all our products.

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Crystal Curtains and Other Dreams

At the 2009 Academy Awards ceremony, an occasion that is well known for its glitz and glamour, the stakes were upped considerably thanks to a three-ton, 60-foot tall three-ton custom designed curtain, made of Swarovski crystals that sparkled with over one hundred thousand crystals. The amazing cascading crystal curtain and the sparking light it emanated almost upstaged the stars of the night none of whom could hope to shine as brightly Unfortunately, that curtain isn’t up for sale – maybe because no one could hope to afford to buy it!

crystal curtain

The Swarovski crystal curtain at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

It’ true that there’s nothing that we love more than our homes. And at Fittexpert your passion for your home is our passion. We want to help you make that home as beautiful as it can be and make sure that it reflects your own individual personality. Many hours of interior design expertise, along with our own years of experience with curtains and blinds experience, are reflected in the great selection of blinds and curtains that we offer.

Roller blinds_Citylights

The new roller blind collection meridian from JAB ANSTOETZ – now available at Fittexpert

Our selection of curtains and blinds and accessories will help you to transform your home into something that truly reflects your personality even if it isn’t a 60 foot crystal curtain!

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Silent Gliss 3900 Track Fitted in Chelsea London

The Silent Gliss 3900 curtain track is a strong, elegant attractive heavy duty track. The one below was fitted to a bay window in Chelsea London with pinch pleat curtain and voile.

Silent Gliss 3900 Track

Pinch pleat curtain hung from a Silent Gliss 3900 track

Silent Gliss 3900 track fitted in  Chelsea

Pinch pleat curtain and voile hung from a Silent Gliss 3900 track

Silent Gliss 3900 track

Two Silent Gliss 3900 track fitted in Chelsea, London.

Features of the Silent Gliss 3900 track

Roller glider glides on rim of front channel – no dust and minimum friction – setting new standards of efficiency (up to 20kg in curtain weight)
Eye of glider is thrown forward to avoid friction with curtain heading yet remains in perfect balance
Can be hand operated with cord retainer 10400
Roller gliders in strip form for quick assembly
Because of enclosed cord channels it can be front or reverse bent, perfect for bay windows like the one above
Cord drop easily adjusted without dismantling system
Can be corded from both ends for extra heavy curtains or where one curtain is wider than the other

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