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The Evolution of Curtains

Curtains and blinds haven’t always been used in the way that they are now; they have had many uses over the centuries. One of the very first uses for curtains was to hang over tents in the middle-eastern dessert. Its purpose was not only to provide privacy, but also a very primitive form of air conditioning after wetting them with water to take some of the brutal heat off. It probably wasn’t the best air-conditioning but certainly effective.

It wasn’t unto the 17th century that windows started being made much larger than the very small windows previously made due to expense. During this time, the Victorians made full use of curtains for many different reasons including to help with insulation in their cold homes and to show off to guests. Victorians typically hung three pairs of curtains at their windows; one thick outer pair, a lace-like middle pair and a third thinner pair. The middle pair was the only one to be opened usually.

The evolution of curtains

It was only in the 1940’s that ready-made curtains were being supplied to stores and by the 1950’s curtains were an essential home component, used to match the architectural style of the home. It’s safe to say that curtains have come a very long way since windows were wooden or marble slats, often proving to be very drafty. Today, their main purpose is to provide privacy and for some, to show off artistic taste, and fortune.

Modern curtain

It’s Fittexpert’s mission to cater to every customers needs, whether they’re looking for curtains that will control how much light enters the room or if you’d like your curtains to showcase your fabulous taste in fabrics – we have something to suit your desires. Different styles of curtains achieve different atmospheres; if you’re unsure of what may look best in your home, speak to one of our friendly advisors who will be happy to help.

As curtains create a big impression, we’re passionate about quality, design and a keen eye for detail – it’s sometimes the smallest details that count the most. With Fittexpert, you’ll greatly benefit from the wealth of experience we have, our friendly approach and superior quality window dressing expertise at great value. You’ll also have full access to copious selections to choose from, from luxurious curtains to exquisite blinds.

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Wood Venetian Blind Fitted in Bushey Watford

Wood venetian blinds offer the perfect window dressing solution for any interior. These blinds are characterised by slats which are suspended horizontally. The slats are tilted to accurately control the light passing through into your room to create a warmer feel. An ideal addition to compliment wood floors and furniture in either a contemporary or traditional setting.

Wood venetian blind fitted in Bushey

Wood Venetian Blind Fitted – Royal Connaught Park, Bushey


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Kick back with a Tie Back

Picture the scene – an elegant and sumptuous four-poster bed fit for a King or Queen the heavy brocade curtains tied back with a gold braided curtain tie back that sets off the bed to its absolute decadent best.

Well these days at Fittexpert we don’t sell many four-poster bed curtain tie backs to royalty but we do know that many of our discerning clients value the elegance of the curtain tie back to grace their own ‘palace’ front rooms!

As a finishing touch the curtain tie-back can make a bold statement or a subtle one.

Silk Curtain

Kick back with a Tie Back

And of course every pair of curtains is only as good as the pole or rail that they hang from.

A heavy-duty metal bay track can transform your bay window and is suitable for all weights of fabric.

SG 3900 track

SG 3900 track  – Suitable for bays or straight windows

Fittexpert can also build tracks on site to fit your window exactly. Metal gliders are silicone enriched for smooth long lasting action and brackets that can be wall or ceiling mounted. With a life-time guarantee (moving parts excluded) this curtain track, even if the curtains hanging from them are not in the court of Henry the Eight (Henry VIII), will provide good, strong and reliable service in your own castle!

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It was Curtains for Egypt!

Before the advent of heating or air conditioning there was not always a choice between being warm and having light!  Originally curtains were used to define spaces, around four-poster beds for instance where they were also used for privacy.

Four poster bed

The earliest curtains were made from animal hides and were always placed over a doorway, secured with hooks although as they were rather stiff there was not drape as such.  The first curtains were made in linen and flax and spun in ancient Egypt.

While we might not be supplying curtains to the pharaohs anymore, at Fittexpert we treat all our customers like royalty.  Whether they live in a pyramid or a semi we will offer them the benefit of all our experience and top quality window dressing with an abundance of choice and everything from sumptuous curtains to innovative blind solutions to suit very home.

There is nothing ancient about the service that Fittexpert offers our customers.  We keep our eye on all the advances and trends in our industry so that we can pass this on to you offering the best choice and an attention to detail that would delight even the fussiest pharaoh!

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